Cold Sores

Cold Sores, a misery to some people

These unsightly and irritating lesions can be quite a nuisance and long lasting. However, we can treat the affected area with ozone to restrict their growth and if caught early enough this can often make life a little more comfortable whilst they are present.

If you feel the itch of one developing on your lip, try not to touch or irritate it in any way and contact the practice for an immediate response. You will be pleased you did.

Ozone, a new development

We have invested in a new device which generates ozone. Ozone is known to kill bacteria and affect viruses and we are so confident of this product that we have invested in a specialist Ozone Therapy Suite in order to pass this useful therapy onto our patients.

  • We can help our patients with this in a number of ways
  • We can treat deep dental decay with ozone to help stop involvement of the dental nerve (pulp) of the tooth
  • We can disinfect infected periodontal (gum) pockets
  • We can limit the development of cold sores
  • We can disinfect the grooves (fissures) on teeth prior to placing fissure sealants to arrest decay before it starts