New Patients

Experience our welcome and care


New patients are always welcome at the practice and we particularly look forward to recommendations from current practice members as they are our best adverts. (Please take a few moments to read the Testimonials section, where patients have expressed genuine gratitude for services and kindness received.) From your very first enquiry, by phone or in person, you will be treated with kindness, care and consideration and guided through the process of becoming a member of the practice.

When you first attend, you will have the services of a dedicated member of staff to introduce you to our practice and help you feel familiar, settled and comfortable. Our pleasant, airy reception, up to date magazines, a TV and books of topical interest, as well as dental information leaflets and books.

A large selection of recommended dental sundries are available for purchase at a discounted rate. We also have a reception area especially for children with old fashioned toys, story books, comics and puzzles, where parents can happily amuse their children in an enjoyable atmosphere, whilst waiting for their appointment. Baby changing facilities are available and of course we will help with bottle warming and the occasional cuddle if required (baby, not mummy!).


At your first visit you will be introduced to your dentist who will carry out a full mouth assessment. This will be very thorough and we will LISTEN to your concerns. We may need to take radiographs before we are able to ADVISE and give an accurate and final opinion of your treatment needs, should you, of course, require any treatment. Our assessment at this and every subsequent visit will include comprehensive checks of your teeth, gums and soft tissues.

Time will be taken to discuss any concerns you may have with your dental health or appearance. We will give you full explanations of treatment needs, using models and photographs if necessary and any preventive advice you require.

We will use our high tech, intra oral cameras, to show you any good, or not so good areas of your mouth, which can demonstrate clearly any need for treatment. In cases where patients are hoping for an opinion on orthodontic treatment, we may also need to take impressions of your mouth to make models of your teeth, in order to enable us to carry out precise measurements to predict your treatment requirements.

We may also ask your permission to take dental photographs.

When the examination is complete, you will be given a printed treatment plan showing all associated costs for any proposed treatment or choices of treatment. All our adult patients also automatically have the services of one of our experienced hygienists, to ensure they receive the best preventive advice and treatment in order preserve the supporting tissues of their dentition.

Prospective new patients should also know that we will never be judgmental about any problems you may bring to us in your mouth and also that they should not be embarrassed about teeth, which they may think, are ugly or which they have neglected. It is never too late to start improving your smile for life.


Rest assured that we have, over the last 35 years, ‘seen everything’ and will treat all new enquiries with kindness and understanding. Likewise, patients who feel in any way nervous, ranging from a little unease, to utter panic, should rest assured and give us a chance to put their minds at ease.

It may take a visit or two, but we can reassure you that we are confident that we can succeed in making you feel more relaxed than ever before, so that any treatment, if necessary, will be explained fully, carried out with gentle care and hopefully may not be such an unpleasant ordeal as anticipated.

Please read our section on Dental Membership Plans to discover the many benefits entitled to all our patients or ask for a leaflet to be posted to you to read at your leisure.