Stop Snoring Now

Sleep Well, Snore less!

At last, a fantastic nights sleep for you and your partner. This appliance, which can be fitted by your dentist within a few weeks, is a small, comfortable, oral mouth piece. It is simple to use, comfortable to wear. It is worn during sleep and looks like a small mouthguard.

How Does It Work

The upper tray of the small appliance fits securely over your upper teeth, while the bottom tray prevents the tongue and jaw from dropping back into the airway and blocking it at night, which can cause snoring, whilst still allowing the lower jaw to have natural movement during sleep.

This simple device allows the upper airway to remain open and permits you to breathe more easily and naturally while sleeping.

Benefits Of Not Snoring

  • You wake up feeling more rested and energetic
  • You eliminate daytime sleepiness and the urge to nap
  • You breathe more easily and naturally while sleeping via increased air flow
  • Blood flow and oxygen levels are increased
  • Both you and your partner enjoy a full nights rest

Users, on average, get used to the appliance in 5-7 nights use and wearing it thereafter becomes second nature. Why not speak to your dentist soon and discuss whether this simple appliance could improve your sleep patterns forever?