New ‘Young Adults’ Membership Plan

We have now introduced a Young Adults Membership plan, especially for some of our young adults who are aged between 18 years and 22 years. It is aimed at those young people whom the dentist feels do not yet require the benefit of twice yearly Hygiene visits.

All other benefits of our Adult membership scheme remain the same and still include two visits to the dentist per year, one visit to the hygienist per year, 20% discount on most routine treatment ,10% discount on more advanced treatment and some advanced orthodontics, as well as our very important Worldwide Dental Assistance Scheme. This new monthly membership fee is reduced to £18.98 per month and whilst it may not be beneficial to all young persons, we do hope it will help those families who are still supporting loved ones through university or college years. Please discuss this with your dentist at your next visit if you think this plan may apply to you and your dentist will advise if this is in your childs best interests.

We look forward to seeing all our young patients who have recently left home for university and may only be returning for holidays. Don’t forget to have your teeth checked if you are due when you are next coming home for a visit and remember, we will always try to accommodate those living away from home, who only visit for short periods.

You can view our brochure here.