Nuvola and Clear Aligners

Nuvola and Clear Aligners

As the first practice in the North East to be accredited to work with Nuvola, we have vast experience of this technique and the superb results we can achieve for you, having fitted thousands of these amazing aligners. There are now more recently developed Clear Aligner systems available, similar to Nuvola, which give us a greater range of options for treatment.

We are achieving superb results with a new system called Nuvola, which we are using for all cases of crowding. The Nuvola system, developed in Italy, is often more cost effective for our patients than the more well known brand.

We believe the Nuvola and Clear Aligner systems to be some of the most outstanding advances in dentistry in the history of our profession. The technical work involved in the planning, design and production of these clear aligners for each individual patient is extremely intricate and complicated, yet the wearing of the aligners by the patient is simplicity itself.

The first step towards a lovely straight smile is to have a consultation with your dentist, which will also involve taking a scanning radiograph of the whole mouth and producing models of your teeth for closer to study. These enable the accurate planning of your treatment. Very detailed impressions are taken of your mouth, which, together with photographs of your face, profile and dentition, are then transmitted to the appropriate clear aligner company.

From this detailed information a computer scan of your teeth is produced and a virtual video of tooth movements created to show how we will move your teeth to achieve the desired result. This imagery is called Clincheck and enables us to check very carefully that everything is achievable and also predicts the length of time required for your treatment. Once both patient and dentist are happy with the Clincheck plan, the manufacture of the clear aligners is authorised. Around two weeks later your active treatment will start.


A series of aligners is thus created. Aligners need to be worn for around 20 hours each day, giving ample time for comfortable eating without your aligner in place. An aligner is usually worn for two weeks, before changing to the next one in the series, with each one making successively greater adjustments to the position of your teeth. Visits to the practice depend on exactly what is happening at each stage of treatment, but are usually every four to eight weeks. This makes it possible for our patients who live away from our area to undertake this type of treatment. Very little can go wrong in between visits and the treatment is very controlled. A conventional fixed appliance does not offer these advantages.

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Don’t be afraid or embarrassed. We can and will improve any aspect of your smile. Come and talk to us. We will listen carefully and offer suggestions based on years of experience combined with the latest advances in dentistry.

Clear aligners are almost invisible and gently and comfortably move your teeth into line. There are many advantages in wearing clear aligners compared to conventional braces. Simply put, they are more comfortable and more hygienic, as they are removable for eating and cleaning. However, the best thing of all is that no one need know that you are having treatment, unless, like so many of our satisfied patients, you choose to tell them the secret of your amazing new smile.

Why not plan ahead for the best possible smile for your wedding, graduation or other major event, or simply to look better than ever for always. The completion time for your treatment can be carefully calculated to suit forthcoming significant events in your life.

Remember there is no age limit to orthodontic treatment, if you declined metal braces when you were younger, this could be the solution you have been waiting for.