Our Hygienists


We are very fortunate to have six dedicated, caring and capable hygienists exercising their skills for our patients long term health and believe they are an essential asset to our practice.

All practice members who subscribe to our adult scheme have a scheduled visit to a hygienist every six months, as an inclusive part of their membership charges. Some of our patients require more frequent visits as advised by their dentist, or may choose to attend more often, for example every 3 months, which are then chargeable appointments.

We now know that poor gum health can be a contributing factor to many systemic diseases, particularly heart disease. The original research on this was carried out at our local university dental school in Newcastle by Professor Robin Seymour, an old friend and colleague of Mr Stubley. We are determined to offer our patients the very best preventative treatment to limit these risks.

We usually have at least one hygienist available throughout every day, so that it may often, though not always, be possible to arrange appointments with your dentist and hygienist to be scheduled consecutively. Our patients may, of course, request a particular hygienist if they wish.

We place great emphasis on taking care of our patients’ periodontal health. The term periodontal relates to the tissues around the tooth, the supporting tissues being the gum tissue and the bone. Our hygienists also offer a service to remove heavy staining from teeth by polishing with a gentle air abrasive instrument.

We stock a wide variety of dental sundries which your hygienist or dentist may recommend. We endeavour to price our oral hygiene aids lower than the usual high street prices as a benefit to our patients. Our membership scheme also gives an extra 10% off these prices. Our patients are free to pop in any time to buy or replenish their dental sundries, whether or not they have an appointment.