Calling all would be Olympians and sports fanatics, think about a mouthguard- better to be safe than sorry.


If you, or your child plays any contact sport such as hockey, football, rugby, lacrosse or take part in boxing, judo and similar pursuits, serious consideration should be given to the wearing of one of our custom made mouthguards to prevent injury to precious teeth.

We make mouthguards in a vast array of colours and combinations to personalise your appearance whilst competing, giving precious, adult teeth the protection they deserve.

Remember that growing teenagers may need to replace their mouthguards occasionally in order for them to remain close fitting and effective.

All members of our practice membership schemes are insured against traumatic injuries to their teeth.

This means that the cost of any associated repairwork following an accident to their teeth will be covered by our insurers.

However, IT SHOULD BE NOTED that the policy will not pay for injuries sustained whilst playing contact sports if a suitable protective mouthguard was not being worn at the time.